The Palette of the Shore

Where Earth Meets Water: The Essence of Elmwood's New Shades
The shore color palette by Elmwood

Inspired by the natural intersection of land and sea, Elmwood introduces six new shades of paints and stains. These shades are direct reflections of the serene and dynamic qualities found in these natural settings.

This collection is showcased through mood boards and 3D renderings, demonstrating how these innovative shades can be incorporated into unique design projects. Each element of the launch highlights Elmwood’s dedication to combining nature’s beauty with sophisticated design.

A vision brought to life

Elmwood’s latest shades come to life through Cindy Raymond’s creatively designed mood boards and 3D renderings. These tools not only showcase the versatility of this new collection but also demonstrate how they enhance and transform spaces. Each mood board and rendering is a glimpse into Elmwood’s design philosophy, highlighting the harmonious blend of textures and colors that define their products.

Kitchen design with Coastal paint and Rockport stain

Craftsmanship behind the colors

In Elmwood’s new collection of paints and stains, each application reveals a distinct narrative. The latest hand-applied stains stand out for their enduring quality and refined finish, showcasing Elmwood’s meticulous craftsmanship. The brand’s new paint shades are a showcase of its commitment to innovative and exclusive development. Every item in this collection, whether designed to accentuate or to be a signature element, demonstrates Elmwood’s steadfast dedication to excellence.

Paint: A world of possibilities

Elmwood’s latest paint collection captures the essence of natural beauty, with each shade reflecting the subtle nuances of nature – from the soft light of dawn to the deep, mysterious tones of dusk. These new colors offer a vibrant palette for creative interior design, providing unique opportunities to bring the tranquility and richness of the natural world into any space.

Coastal matte paint door sample


Creamy warm white

Harbor matte paint door sample


Sophisticated blue

Cliffside matte paint door sample


Warm taupe

Mountain Pine matte paint door sample

Mountain Pine

Deep green

Stain: Depth and Character

Elmwood’s new stains transcend mere color; they capture the essence and character of the wood they adorn. Each stain is carefully crafted to enhance the distinct beauty of various wood species, emphasizing their natural allure. The outcome is a harmonious blend of texture and hue, a reflection of nature’s own depth and diversity.

Rockport stain door sample

Rockport on Cherry

Neutral brown stain

Maritime stain door sample

Maritime on Flat Cut White Oak

Soothing blue

Vanity design with Maritime stain from Elmwood

The Journey to Perfection

Behind each color lies a story of dedication and passion. Hear from Sarah and Mike, key members of our development team, as they share the challenges and triumphs in creating these new shades. Their testimonials shed light on the meticulous process behind Elmwood’s commitment to the highest quality and impressive innovation.

Elmwood Color Specialist at Elmwood

‘’Part of my mandate as Elmwood’s Color Specialist is to translate inspirations into winning formulations for paint and stain finishes. Being able to balance innovation with repeatable results applied by hand is no easy feat. For our new launch we prototyped and trialed close to a dozen different finish options’’

Micheal Klassen
Elmwood Color Specialist

Sarah Landl Product Manager at Elmwood

Sarah LandlProduct Manager

‘’Our specialty hand-applied finishes are part of what makes Elmwood distinct, and our new launch for 2024 reinforces this. At Elmwood we saw an opportunity to expand upon our wide range of ever-popular standard Stain & Glaze finishes. We are pleased to introduce our two new introductions into the category, ‘Maritime’ and ‘Rockport’.

To compliment our new Stains we have four new standard Paint colors that are ahead of the trends. Our new Coastal, Cliffside, Harbour and Mountain Pine bring a new palette of comfort and sophistication. They add a freshness to the palette while also poised to become instant classics in our Spectrum.

As Mike mentioned, our team went through many interpretations and trials to land on these new finishes and we are thrilled to share them with our Design Partners across North America’’.

The Creative Mind: Interview with Cindy

Delve into the creative mind behind our mood boards and 3D renderings. A brief conversation with Cindy unveils the aesthetic intentions and emotional resonances at the heart of these visual compositions.


Harbor paint kitchen mood board

“This mood board exudes a sense of depth, mystery, and elegance. The contrast between blue and black can evoke feelings of calm and contemplation, while adding a touch of sophistication and modernity. It’s a perfect choice for projects aiming to create an atmosphere that is both majestic and intimate.”

Mountain Pine

Mountain Pine paint kitchen mood board

‘’This mood board radiates an essence of serenity, earthiness, and a deep connection to the natural world. It invites reflection and appreciation of natural beauty and craftsmanship. The combination of Mountain Pine and walnut is perfectly suited for spaces that seek to create a peaceful and comforting sanctuary, where one can relax and rejuvenate’’.

Envisioning elegance: Bringing nature’s harmony into your space

“The Palette of the Shore” transcends being merely a new color range; it represents a journey where Elmwood’s expertise meets the endless inspiration of nature. Each shade in this collection is a testament to the beauty and dynamism of the natural world, meticulously interpreted through Elmwood’s lens of innovation and craftsmanship. As you explore these new shades, we invite you to reimagine your spaces, seeing them as canvases where the tranquility and elegance of nature can be brought to life. This collection is not just about color – it’s about transforming your spaces with a touch of Elmwood’s dedication to bold and highly sophisticated design.