Excellence. Authenticity. Creativity

An iconic brand

Elmwood is a custom, high-end cabinetry brand with a reputation for fine craftsmanship that stretches back to its beginnings in 1973.

The Elmwood team of artisans and experts lends a unique human touch to every project, working with designers through a prestigious dealer network across North America to help create iconic kitchens, baths, and built-in cabinets for discerning consumers and lovers of beauty and refinement.


Our philosophy of cabinetmaking

Our philosophy as cabinetmakers is simple: inspire creativity and bring ideas to life. The refinement and craftsmanship we’re renowned for are simply expressions of the creativity at the heart of every project.

We inspire creativity

As creators of custom high-end cabinetry, we’re guided by one central tenet: to inspire the world’s most visionary designers.

To fuel that inspiration, we scour the globe in search of the finest, most authentic materials the planet has to offer. We create rich finishes that surprise and delight. We seek out textures that resonate and innovations that impress. And we do it all to give substance to the latest, most exciting trends in interior design.

Materials, finishes, and innovations—the building blocks for supremely refined and memorable designs.


We bring creativity to life

Our seasoned craftspeople take immense satisfaction in faithfully bringing even the most complex projects to life.

Since 1973, we have proudly preserved the tradition of custom cabinetmaking in its purest form. Human craftsmanship, backed by the latest technology, is always front and center in everything we do. For us, every project is a unique masterwork in the making.

That’s why we never tire of that magic moment when a designer’s creative vision takes shape in the capable hands of our master artisans. Seeing our impeccable quality elevate the designer’s art is a deeply gratifying experience.