An iconic brand for your custom wooden kitchen cabinets

Elmwood is one of North America’s leading custom cabinetry brands. An industry leader for innovation, quality, and flexible production capabilities since 1973, we’re the ideal partner for your most prestigious projects.


Are you an architect? Our custom cabinetry is an ideal match for your high-end projects

Elmwood’s flexible production capability and vast array of wood species, innovative materials, and finishes ensure a product in perfect harmony with your architectural vision. Our custom cabinetry will accentuate your design and enhance the value and style of your project with its signature appeal.

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Are you an independent designer? We offer custom wooden kitchen cabinets—and so much more

Your creativity is boundless, and there’s nothing we love more than helping your ideas take flight. Elmwood’s flexible approach eliminates all—that’s right, all—design constraints. Which means we can bring your creative vision to life exactly as you picture it, no ifs, ands, or buts. Add in the quality craftsmanship Elmwood is famous for and you get a custom cabinetry project that’s utterly unique.

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Are you a contractor? We’re an ideal partner in business.

At Elmwood, quality business relationships go hand in hand with quality cabinetry. We go out of our way to help your business prosper, with fully compliant products, on-time delivery, and more. No matter how big or complex your project, we’ve got what it takes to meet your needs and provide the quality and performance we’re known for throughout the industry.

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Are you a kitchen dealer? Our partnerships are as solid as our wooden kitchen cabinets

Our vision is based on a solid partnership designed to provide everything you need to thrive and grow. We’re like an extension of your business—a value-added ingredient that enhances your retail brand with our culture of innovation, quality craftsmanship, and a distinctive human touch.

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